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The Real Estate Help You Need In Rockland County

Our New City, New York, lawyers undertake a wide range of residential real estate transactions for clients. The attorneys at Montalbano, Condon & Frank, P.C., have been providing legal representation to people in Rockland County since 1973. We have a profound knowledge of the area’s real estate market. We bring our broad-based understanding to bear on each residential sale or purchase we assist with.

To speak with an experienced residential real estate lawyer, email our team or call 845-521-7108.

Our clients and our real estate services

Our clients are diverse in age, assets and goals. The people we serve range from young couples who are buying their first home to handy people who are ambitious in their fixer-upper goals to owners who are downsizing and ensuring everything proceeds as planned in the sale of their Hudson Valley estate. If you are buying or selling foreclosed property, we can ensure the process goes smoothly.

Our services include the drafting of contracts of sale, closing statements and satisfaction of mortgage statements. We also provide title examination services to act as escrow agents.

Additionally, we offer guidance and assistance if you need to:

  • Sell real estate on behalf of estates or trusts
  • Facilitate financing
  • Transfer residential property between family members
  • Sell new construction subdivision homes

From the initial offer to the closing, we are here for you. We can assist with every detail, at the level of involvement you need.

We understand the significance of buying or selling a home

Residential real estate transactions can be simple or complex. What is constant is that when it is your property that is being bought or sold or transferred, it is the most important transaction. A home is usually the most expensive item you will buy or sell during your lifetime. We understand the significance of the event and work to make everything go smoothly.

Send us an inquiry email so that one of our real estate lawyers can get in touch with you. You can call the firm at 845-521-7108. You do not need to go far to find an attorney who can guide the way through a residential real estate transaction.